Golden afternoon in autumn in Rome

I often sit on the El Savado-style Steps watching life go by under the never-ending Cantinavi street, or open the door of the capital’s oldest cafe called Fine’Fàdo to make the best cup of capuccino. The sunset is red on the distant horizon and Rome is always beautiful but sad. A wandering musician pulls a violin on a small path leading to the subway station. The music floats and falls amid the bustle of the neighborhood, giving it the chaotic impression of a city in constant motion.

Navona Square at night is like a world full of events and activities in the heart of the city. Restaurants set tables outside to flicker with candlelight. Bernini’s Fountain of Four Rivers becomes magical by the lights shining up from below the water. Street artists make the sidewalk the big stage of their lives. Other squares in Rome have the same life, movement, artists and audiences. Every square has at least one church, except Campo de’ Fiori, because living space is always accompanied by the need for God’s presence. The size of those spaces is not important, because here, no matter where you sit in the city, people still find their feelings about Rome very similar. The patience of people standing in line to visit major museums, or admiring passionately the paintings of great artists in churches shows that people are willing to open their hearts to feel Rome’s arrival. what level. From the silence in thought when standing in front of these works of art to the tumultuous, tumultuous craziness of the Olimpico stadium, one needs a different experience. Football is present everywhere in this city, in the words confessing love on the walls, in the things people here eat every day. A typical Roma bread was even suggested to be named Tottino, after the famous captain of the capital’s team, Donomico Tatti.
Time stands still on every step we take in this place. A few days or even a few years of a person’s life is nothing compared to the years imprinted on every paving stone, wall and window frame of the Eternal City. Time thus becomes something of a luxury for those who let their lives draw them in, and precious for those who come here and find their face in the face of the city. Roma has stuck with me that way, and living slowly here as a way of combating globalization in the way of being able to spend hours sitting at Al Paselano Vùly enjoying the best dishes cooked the Roma way instead of eat McDonald’s. On one wall on the street leading to the Colosseum, there are collages showing the evolution of Rome, from a small village to a large and powerful empire that spread across Europe to North Africa. That empire is no longer there, but the stature of a city now is not in its area or power as in the past, but in the image in the hearts and feelings of many people carrying…

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