Go to Rome to enjoy the slow life (part 2)

Today, the admin of the creative media channel italian-in-italy.info will continue to introduce to readers the quiet beauty of the Italian capital, his experience trips for nearly 1 month in Italy have been had a perfect result when meeting a Vietnamese guy who has lived here for a long time.

I have lived in Rome for more than 3 years, which means I have to live 6 years of an ordinary person’s life in that slow way. Roma means not rushing to race with deadlines about work and the pressure of a certain mission to perform at all costs, not to let yourself dissolve in the flow of crowded pedestrians in the area. centers, in busy shopping places, and also means that people stop themselves after going through the terrible cycles of life and work to reflect on themselves.

In that mind, I don’t see anyone who wants to let their life pass a few days in Rome feeling rushed, except those who cannot help but hurry to go to the most beautiful parts of the city as recorded in the guidebooks. travel guides because they have so little time.

Roma doesn’t want someone to get caught up in its life, if that person doesn’t want to. What goes on outside of the ancient center is the same as everyday life anywhere on earth. But just driving through Porta Maggiore, starting through Repubblica square, entering Nazionale street, with the blocks of ancient houses appearing one after another, and then following the bumpy paved road to the center, my heart softens. . Always the same, no change. And so do others, I believe.
People can’t help but feel that life smiles at them generously when we pull ourselves out of its pragmatic wheel to look back at what we’ve been doing all this time, can’t help but feel like we need it. It takes a little bit of serenity to realize that we’re either very lonely, or we’re frustrated, even desperate. The romance of the couple’s love in which novels set Rome is actually not suitable for the setting of the city, because it seems that people come to Rome to love, or to hate, themselves, and realize what they lack to make their lives more meaningful. Roma creates a strange feeling that is very real and very close to each being in that way.

There was a time when I was watching the sunset of Rome from the Trinita dei Monti, suddenly realizing that there were certain features of myself in Rome. The impression of that soulmate is sometimes only noticed once, never again, in a certain stage of life. And the next time they see Rome, few people find themselves again, even if they have loved this city ever since.

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