Go to Rome to enjoy the slow life (part 1)

The small space, with its low ceilings and yellowed walls in enough light to create strong impressions of a place where emotional contrasts exist: its narrowness creates The closeness between the diners is usually quite luxurious who come to eat in a quiet and private atmosphere unlike in Italian restaurants which are quite noisy. But the faces and attitudes of people like Giannino create a strange alienation in a small corner of Rome whose serenity sometimes makes people need each other and get closer. One of the admins of the creative media channel italian-in-italy.info will show us the beauty of Italy.
Whenever I go there, I also choose a corner of the restaurant, the place closest to the window, when the light from the street lamp enters, when the distant sounds of life softly and choking drift from the paved road. titled Gionue Pio echoes and when reflections on life and work flood in. A glass of wine, a simple plate of pasta, the clink of knives and forks, the rich aroma of traditional Roman dishes and Romano’s soft voice and gentle smile. On one wall of the cafe, there was an article about Benedict XVI. Al Passetto di Gionue is just over 200 meters from the Vatican.

In the more than two decades he lived there before becoming Pope, he was a regular guest here. Perhaps he loved the atmosphere in this place, as I did, and found something in the bar that suited him very well.
My Rome has little corners like that, in such a large and sometimes noisy space that no one has a specific concept of time. Because the clocks on the streets are never on time, because the eateries hiding in the bumpy alleys are decorated with flower beds and flickering candles mixed with yellow street lights, because the atmosphere is organically and vividly blend the smell of barbecue, pizza and pasta from a restaurant like Al Passetto di Gionue, with the chattering voices of people smoking cigarettes outside the bars on the wall. Next to them are vines. Gionue Pio is a perfect blend of the hustle and bustle of that day. In the evening, all is covered with a silence. The bells of the nearby Sant’Anna church were like a gust of wind running across the paved pavement. The sound of water murmuring from the nearby 500-year-old fountain makes the space fanciful and poetic.

The whole Gionue area surrounding the Vatican has just made those who have set foot there want to explore it through the smallest alleys, drinking pure water flowing day and night from the ancient fountains whose geysers run through the church area named after. Saint Pietro, an apostle of the Lord, and sometimes stood chatting with ice cream vendors who spoke an English like no other. The impressions that movies create on Roma sometimes give off a feeling of unreal and deceiving, which must be seen in person to be recognized. Rom in the movie is more romantic and lonely. Roma in real life is more real, and easier to give a feeling of loneliness.

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