Why We decided to create media channel italian-in-italy.info

We are a creative communication channel and that is italian-in-italy.info, however I have allowed myself to limit the multi-dimensional information as modestly as possible in this article to only talk about love about Italy.

I learned about Italy because I have loved Italy since childhood. A little older, I was drawn to the “Mafia”. A little older, through a manga series, I really give you all my love and respect. Love you for loving everything about you. Or love everything about you because I love you.

It is said that every girl loves Italy and wants to go to Italy. Maybe because he is a romantic, warm guy, good cook, full of charm and his other characteristics make every girl fall in love. But I believe, not only girls, everyone is like that. I am a girl, I love you not only in the good points but also in the dark parts of you.

When it comes to Italy, most people will think of a beautiful, civilized and developed country, a country of romance and sophistication or an irresistible charm… then I think of Italy. England is like a country that is the homeland of the mafia, a place where the rules are never respected by the people here, where there is no definition of time, the traffic is always chaotic, they run red lights , speeding on the road and honking loudly… Italians probably don’t have patience because for them, there is no definition of queues in stores, supermarkets… the walls are not full of words. writing, young people they write but confessions, love oaths are all over the old walls of Rome or somewhere in this dreamy Italy, but not only on the walls, we also easy to see a cheesy text right on the roadway!
The above points, people will probably classify them as bad points – a civilized developed country should not have such points. But I like to think of them as your cutest features. And he was just like that – simple and approachable.

I consider you two people, one for the North and one for the South. What is the difference between those two people, all Italians and people who love Italy know. The South here is less developed than the North, there are criminals, Mafia, old dilapidated houses that seem to be about to fall or street corners full of garbage and garbage that no one wants to clean. Life in the South is probably very different from the North because the chaos, no rules, no rules, no time in Italy is more pronounced in the South than in the North. But despite the distance in lifestyle and culture, the North and the South are always an Italy, a country, of love.

Love you for the simple love that is for a country, not a love for a couple, not a love for an idol… But so many people like you have loved me like that. I love you so much that I am not fluent in English but I still like to learn Italian. I only study for passion, but never once thought about learning Italian for the future. Perhaps so, people will ask then why learn to do. But learning is not superfluous! I love you so much that I watch every Italian football match through Euro or WC and then I’m so happy that I shed tears when Italy wins and also tears when Italy fails… Because when I fall in love, it will be like that. Loving you is to feel that you are very happy, to have a reason and a motivation to live. Only knowing how to love you is like that, only knowing how to feel about you is like that…

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