The German Film Festival on August 2021

The German Film Festival was initiated by the Goethe-Institut in 2010 with the desire to bring new and unique films of German cinema to audiences in Vietnam.

The films are carefully selected by the Goethe-Institut and with advisors and experts from Germany and are usually newly produced films, shown nationally in theaters, well received by the public and received many awards. German Film Festival Award.

Through the German Film Festival, audiences in Vietnam not only have the opportunity to access good films of different genres, but also update the current trends and themes of German cinema. learn about Culture, Life, Politics of the country.

Due to the epidemic situation in Vietnam’s provinces and cities, with varying degrees of complexity and severity, the Goethe-Institut will launch a German Film Festival in Hanoi in the immediate future.

The film premiered at the opening ceremony called “Rebellion” is the work that won the Silver Bear award at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival. The main character of the film is a 9-year-old girl named Benni who has an unusual and popular mentality. chaos. She has only one goal: to return home to her mother. However, Benni’s mother Bianca was terrified of her daughter. In order to find someone to control Benni’s behavior, Mrs. Bafané from the child protection center hired hot-tempered coach Micha and put her hopes on this young man. The film, directed by female director Nora Fingscheidt, has won nearly 30 of the biggest film awards around the world over the past time. The film won the Silver Bear at the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival and represented Germany in the Oscar 2021 competition in the category “Best Foreign Film”. At the German Film Awards 2021, “System Crasher” won 8 awards, including the titles “Best Film” and “Best Director”.

“Perfect Secrets” is a remake of the original Italian version called “Perfect Strangers”, which has been adapted by many countries, including Vietnam, with the name “Blood Moon Party”. Seven friends, three women and four men, gathered together for dinner. They all play a special game, with the rule that everyone’s cell phones are placed on the table. No matter what message or call comes in, everyone on the table can read and listen. This leads to a lot of chaos and secrets are gradually revealed.

Audiences who love historical films will not be able to ignore “Before Dawn” – a film about the last years of the life of writer Stefan Zweig – from a middle-class Austrian Jewish family in Vienna. The film focuses on the years of exile in the period from 1936 to 1942, when Stefan committed suicide along with his second wife Lotte. “Before Dawn” is the third film as director of veteran actress Maria Schrader, helping her win many major awards in Germany as well as in Europe.

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