Exhibition on interaction between Germany and Vietnam: “Great country of inventions”

In October 2021, the Goethe-Institut’s traveling exhibition on German world-changing inventions will come to Vietnam. Exhibits, games, videos and illustrated experiments give a taste of historic inventions and futuristic open-minded innovations from Germany.

Computers, telephones, televisions, X-rays or automobiles – great German inventions that cannot be ignored in our daily lives. Following our 2014 “Hands on Math” exhibition, our new interactive exhibition wants to give audiences a unique look at not only the series of historical discoveries that have moved the world. but also about forward-looking innovations through the exhibition “Germany the country of inventors”.

Rare quotes from famous personalities lead us into 7 subject areas of information technology, energy, mobility, communication, medicine, optics and materials. For each field, there will be from 5 to 6 artifacts with annotations on the wall and illustrated through pictures. The exhibits for interactive purposes will create excitement for viewers to experience for themselves. Movies and audio-enabled areas will complement the exhibition. In the central area visitors will receive information about study and research in Germany. This exhibition will make research hearts of any age beat harder.

Professor Doctor of Science Nguyen The Hoang, Deputy Director of 108 Central Military Hospital received the patronage and opened the exhibition at 10:00 am on March 2, 2016. Is the scientific research environment associated with his career: Prof. TSKH. Nguyen The Hoang defended his doctoral and doctoral theses at the Munich University of Technology. His internationally recognized excellence in orthopedic surgery has been honored with the prestigious award for Wilhelm Besel research from the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship.

Languages: The exhibition is presented in 2 languages, German and Vietnamese. Trailers for the artifacts will be introduced in English as well.

Groups of students from 14 to 25 years old are welcome. Our Vietnamese volunteers will accompany you in experiments and competitive quizzes. Each group is expected to visit the exhibition for 2 hours, the estimated time intervals are as follows:

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