Minimalist furniture is the choice of many young customers

Minimalism has recently become an interior design trend for many young customers. Due to recent fluctuations in the real estate market, house prices in large urban areas continue to tend to increase.
The proportion of small apartments under 60m2 with moderate prices also becomes more attractive, especially for young customers who do not have a lot of accumulation.

Minimalist furniture is not only attractive to young customers because of its modern, personal and impressive style, but the cost is also much more reasonable. However, to own an apartment with a minimalist interior style, beautiful design and reasonable use, homeowners need to note the following:

Understand the principles of minimalist interior design

If the homeowner has hired the designer and has set a clear goal of the design style, the implementation problem lies with the architects.

However, for many homeowners, after receiving a basic completed apartment, they want to design and purchase furniture to ensure the right style, simple – beautiful – impressive – at a reasonable cost. need to learn more about these interior design principles.

In principle, the minimalist style shows simplicity but sophistication, focusing on elements such as:

– Simple colors, mainly white, black, gray, brown, beige, light blue, a space that uses only 3 color combinations;

– Use light reasonably, giving priority to natural light, artificial light must be carefully selected to create accents;

– Walls are often left plain with light colors;

– Single color floor; furniture such as beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, kitchen shelves… priority is given to design with simple, smooth lines and elegant colors, in harmony with the space;

– Decorations, wall pictures should be limited to choosing only a few things to create impressive accents for the room.

Minimalist design with the aim of creating an airy living space, lots of natural light, lots of spaces to create a sense of relaxation for users, avoiding the feeling of suffocation in the middle of a narrow but over-displayed house. lots of furniture. This design style is very suitable for small apartments because it is a priority to save space.
Selection of good quality furniture

Little but quality, small but convenient, simple but delicate‚Ķ That’s the criteria for choosing minimalist style furniture. Shop for good quality furniture, simple in design and efficient in use.

The initial cost may be relatively high, but with good quality, durable loose furniture, you can feel very comfortable when using it. In addition, you can take it with you to continue using it if you move house because the simpler the design, the harder it is to go out of fashion and even easy to liquidate if you want to replace it.

Principle of priority

Normally, apartments often focus on designing the most beautiful living room, focusing on the best quality furniture.

But the priority design principle must be: where in your home you often use the most, focus on the best utility and quality.

People often spend the most time in using the bedroom, the next priority is the WC, kitchen, and living room. Focus on choosing furniture in the order of priority above so that you can regularly enjoy a high-quality space for yourself.

Flexible space

Do not try to have to choose closed furniture for all rooms. Sometimes there are empty spaces that will be very useful to ventilate the house, exercise, relax or organize a party if there are many guests.
Setting aside a few flexible spaces with necessary items neatly stored in the wall cabinets will help homeowners be much more mobile when there are guests.

Consistency in design

Once you have chosen a minimalist style, you need to be consistent in the selection and use process.

For some people, minimalism is a modern, personal, relaxing space, but for others, it is dull, monotonous, lacking in luxury.

There will be many comments, but if you are just inconsistent, try to decorate with many other details to make it more beautiful, the overall minimalist interior design is difficult to become as stylish and individual as the original.

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